Let’s take a trip back to the beginning. Sentivate was the name of two networks the Universal Web & Viat. When we set on this journey we knew that in time the name must change, be easily recognized, easy to say, easy to spell, and encapsulate what we are building in as few words as possible. Hence the Universal Web the next stage for Sentivate. This domain UniversalWeb.io is our new home but we are still in transition with all new content and images so expect things to be flying in and out over the next few days decreasing in frequency throughout the next two months. Don’t fret our friendly octopus and signature Sentivate Red are staying.

We knew the World Wide Web had ambitions to span the globe by virtue of its name. It would only be natural to look towards the next frontier beyond the stars for the Universal Web. To build a Web that was ready to go beyond Earth’s orbit, covering the solar system, and eventually in time spanning the Universe takes radical revolutionary ideas. It takes technology built to replace not add to the existing layers of the Web. It takes a true re-imagining of what the Web does, what it could be, and what it needs to be in the future. Yes, covering the Universe is a very high bar that much is obvious but this sets a foundation for the journey ahead.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Naturally when humanity ventures to a Mars colony the Universal Web will be ready and waiting. The Universal Web is ideal for low resource networks and scales well beyond when there’s a large amount of bandwidth and speed. The Universal Web is designed to put as little demand on the network & its devices as possible again making it ideal for an initial Mars colony.

We are just at the beginning stages of the most ambitious project since the founding of the World Wide Web. None the less make no mistake about it these dreams of a better Web are in fact easily adopted and implemented into all existing infrastructure. This is just software which means we can easily push support in a single update to millions of devices worldwide. Something we have already seen with technologies like the protocol QUIC from Google.

The Universal Web and the World Wide Web exist at the same time one uses uw:// while the other uses https:// and at this point is best to see the Universal Web as an alternative Web or Alt-Web for short.

From here we are looking to take Sentivate mainstream and with that a brand change to The Universal Web which we intend to make a household name across the Web community. Our next journey begins with an updated team, products, and a seed round of funding. One big thing that sets us apart from the crypto space is we didn’t have some massive ICO, angel investor, seed round, or any amount of funding. The Universal Web is a grassroots movement comprising of people from all walks of life across the globe coming together to build a “Web from the future for the future”.
To the community, we say thank you for the support this far but things will get a bit more serious during the transition as we look to open up our doors in March. If we go silent from time to time rest assured we are just putting in some hard work hours & days. Things will get bumpy but hold on because we aren’t going anywhere but up. Possibly in some cases quite literally 🚀, Mars does have a nice ring to it. With that said buckle up we are entering our most difficult but exciting phase yet.